Lee Bold:

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A children’s tale of a transgender/intersex cartoon eagle whose supportive, loving parents help him find his path to flight.  This book will inspire love and acceptance among families who are dealing with gender identity.  Aimed at ages 5+.



TRANscending Earth:

cropped-transcending-earth-icon1-e1390687836453.jpgThrough a thorough examination of both science and Scripture, C. Barton and J. Cabot explore the origin of life, the nature of sin, and what it means to serve the Lord. C. Barton, a former child care worker, wife, mother, and recovering alcoholic, brings the perspective of one who has learned to love unconditionally and who leads others to choose a better life. J. Cabot, a young engineer and author who was born intersex and found God as an adult, has delved into the science of being intersex or transgender. Through their combined efforts, TRANScending Earth demonstrates logically that the way a person is born is not his fault, that God loves all of His children, and that building a relationship with Him is the best way to find happiness. Written in common language that is easy to understand for anyone from young teens to adults, this book will uplift, strengthen, and empower intersex or transgender individuals and their supporters to move past the confines of this planet and enter a world of joy in service to the Lord.


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